A lost floating astronaut in space needs your help!

With no gravity and a unique single click movement system, maneuver the astronaut to safety while avoiding all the space junk that might cause them harm.


Click : Click on the screen to make the astronaut move in the direction of the arrow that is circling them or to press buttons.

That's it!


Aseprite - Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
Apache NetBeans

Jam Information

Made for libGDX's Game Jam 18.
Theme: No Gravity
From 9/19/2021 - 9/25/2021 ( 7 days )

Author Jan Fic

Code: github

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJan Fic
Made withAseprite, libGDX
Tags2D, Arcade, Mouse only, My First Game Jam, one-button, Space
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
LinksTwitter, Twitch


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spacejunk-java-0.4.jar 6 MB

Development log


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Good game. I got to cheat by just staying in the corner and my score was 500. In space avoid apples


Art is really nice. A++ + ++. Concept is also nice and well executed.


Pretty cool game man. I don't if this is supposed to happen, but the astronaut is not appearing and I'm on a 10k score already :s

Thank you! I guess you beat the game lol


One of the rare game of the jam with exactly zero gravity in all the game! Concept is nice and it works fine!  Also thank you for sharing the postmortem story of the game. Not using Box2D and making the collision yourself was certainly a nice challenge! Well done!

Thanks! Granted It was hard to think of a game idea that used zero-gravity lol.


Fantastic graphics, absolutely love the earth in the background.


Ok it's really fun :) interesting type of control but makes it even more entertaining.
Cool game :)


Quite compelling! Took me few tries to figure out wtf is going on :d

Thanks! I should've been more clear with instructions lol


Albeit simple, I find this a very creative and fun game mechanic, a lot of potential to expand it into a full game :)



Really good but there is a lot to work on. Feels like the game was super rushed and there isnt a lot of key elements that should be in this game. Where is the crafting, open world survival, pvp, pve, simulation, shooting, multiplayer, rpg, and many more. 

It is a great game though :)


The concept of this game is quite good but there are a few things you need to work on to make this game really interesting to play. First, the Astronaut is too big for the screen and the obstacle to dodge in such a compact environment. Secondly, you can add up air thrusters to make the Astronaut move in a direction to reach its goal instead of just floating around one point. Some sort of Game progression is required to make the player engaged while playing this game. 

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to implement them before the game jam closes. Great ideas

That Sounds Cool.